How is Dumawall manufactured?

Dumawall is made using the innovative RCB® (Rigid Core Board) technology with an interlocking tongue and groove system. It is designed to be completely waterproof, lightweight, and sturdy.

What are the dimensions and thickness of Dumawall tiles?

Dumawall Plus Tiles measure 375mm x 650mm x 5mm (1.95m²) and come in packs of 8 tiles.


How heavy is Dumawall?

Dumawall Plus weighs approximately 5kgs per square metre.


Is Dumawall suitable in a bathroom?

Not only are Dumawall tiles suitable for your bathroom, they are also suitable for living areas, kitchens and wet rooms.  


Do I need to add extra silicone between the panels?

When installing in moist areas, we advise to add a line of silicone between the tiles and between the tiles and the applications.


What’s the warranty on Dumawall?

Dumawall Plus has been designed to last for years to come. That is why all Dumawall products come with a 10 year guarantee. 


Can I cut or drill Dumawall tiles and panels myself?

Yes, you can use a jig-saw for power sockets and a skill saw with a blade that is compatible with Rigid Core Board material to cut the Dumawall tiles and panels.


How do I join Dumawall tiles and panels together?

Dumawall tiles and panels are easily joined together using an inter-locking tongue and groove system. Eliminating the need for grouting altogether.


What if I don’t want the exposed edge?

We offer aluminum finishing trims that tidy up the ends while providing a seamless finish.


What is the maximum temperature for Dumawall tiles?

Dumawall Plus can withstand a maximum continuous temperature of 60 °C. 


How do I clean Dumawall?

Dumawall can be cleaned using a damp microfiber cloth with common household detergents. 

How do I store Dumawall tiles and panels?

It is important that they are stored flat and horizontally. 


Why is part of the tongue or groove chipped off the panels? Are my panels defective?

The panels are not defective. During manufacturing, one corner of the overlap lip is intentionally milled off to provide enough space for the four corners to fit together when four panels are connected. The milled tongue or groove does not affect the product's performance or finished look.

Can Dumaplast panels be recycled?

Yes. Dumawall panels can be recycled. Please check with your local plastic recycling facility first.

Do your products emit toxic fumes? Are your products hazardous when inhaled indoors?

No. Dumawall are not harmful to your health. All Dumawall products are classified as A+ (very low emission of pollutants), which is the best rating for indoor wall cladding. This means you can use our products in your house with no harmful effect on your health.